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3 New Features You Don’t Want to Miss in iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange, our free ecommerce plugin, is the easiest way to get selling online with WordPress.

We’ve added some cool new features to make your experience even more awesome!

Sync Carts Across Browsers

For users that are logged in, this feature makes using multiple browsers on multiple devices a breeze. If your Exchange user adds a membership to their cart while in Safari on their laptop but switch to their windows phone, they will still see the same membership in their cart.


Adding the Cart Sync feature makes the buyer’s experience easier, which can lead to more sales.

This is a precursor to another cool feature – Cart Abandonment Notifications. Be watching for this feature in the coming weeks.

Control Coupon Frequency

This feature provides even more flexibility when using the coupons add-on. You can now limit the frequency in which the coupon can be used. For example if you would like your coupon to be used once a week, you can set that rule.

Here’s how it works – Step 1) Enable to coupons add-on in iThemes Exchange. Step 2) Go to “Add new Coupon” and the last check box give you options to select from.

Coupon Frequency

This feature makes giving discounts to specific groups easy. It’s also a great way to entice early bird customers.

Change Paypal Payment Status

When you’re logged in to your Exchange Admin and go to Payments, click View Details for a Paypal payment. You now have the ability to change the status of the transaction at the bottom of the page, giving you greater flexibility with your Paypal customers.

paypal payment status

Even More iThemes Exchange Goodness – a Free Webinar

In this webinar, iThemes Exchange lead developer Glenn Ansley will give an overview of Exchange, including a walk-through of the API so that you can create custom (or premium) add-ons and themes. If you’re looking at building an Exchange add-on or theme, this training is for you.

iThemes Exchange for Developers: Overview

Thursday, June 26, 2014
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Register for the webinar

*Can’t make the live webinar? We’ll post the webinar replay to the blog.



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