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Update WordPress Sites from Your iPhone with the New iThemes Sync App

Managing all your WordPress sites with iThemes Sync just got even better — with the new (and free!) iThemes Sync app for iOS. With the Sync app, you can easily update all your WordPress sites’ themes, plugins and WordPress versions, plus run full and database backups — all from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Getting Started: Installing the App

To get the Sync iOS app, open the App Store app on your device search for iThemes Sync. If you’re viewing this post on on your mobile device, use this direct App Store link. Click the Free button to install.


After you’ve installed the iThemes Sync app, open and enter your iThemes username and password.

Sync will go to work fetching all the statuses of your synced sites.


Easy In-App Updates for WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins

Click on any site in the list with available updates. You can then update to the newest available version number of WordPress core or any installed themes and plugins.


Run BackupBuddy Backups, View Schedules, Destinations & More

BackupBuddy users will find a special module for running full backups and database backups, plus an easy way to view your backup schedules, profiles and destinations.


Update Notifications

One of the advantages of using the Sync app is that you can get push notifications about available updates. When you first install the app, you can decide if you’d like to get notifications from Sync.


These updates can also be viewed Notifications in the Sync app menu.


Sync generates a list of all available updates by date so you can easily keep track.


New to Managing Sites with Sync?

If you’re new to iThemes Sync, here’s a quick setup guide for installing the Sync plugin on your WordPress sites.

You can manage 10 sites with Sync for free or, if you’re a current iThemes customer, log in to the Sync dashboard with your iThemes username and password to download the Sync plugin.

Let Us Know What You Think About Sync

We would love your feedback on how we can improve iThemes Sync, so check out the iThemes Sync feature request page to send us your ideas. You can also view the Public Roadmap for iThemes Sync and vote on features here.




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