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Uptime Monitoring for Sync is Here

Today, Sync takes WordPress site management to the next level with new uptime monitoring. Now, with Sync, you can monitor uptime, downtime and the overall performance of your WordPress sites — and get instant notifications if your site goes down.


If Your Website Goes Down, Do You Lose Money? Why Uptime Monitoring is Important

Uptime monitoring is important for sites that can’t afford any downtime.

  • If you’re managing sites for clients, you want to be the first to know if a site goes down. Don’t wait for a panicked phone call or email to find out.
  • If you’re running an ecommerce site, a down site means lost sales. Plain and simple.

Monitor Your Site’s Uptime, Downtime & Performance

With Sync’s uptime monitoring, you can track:

  • Uptime (total downtime percentage and number of downtimes)
  • Response Time (average response time and performance by country)
  • History (daily uptime percentage, total downtime and average response times)

Uptime Monitoring Overview

The Sync Uptime Monitoring dashboard includes an overview of all your monitored sites with a quick look at last response time and the number of days since the last downtime. Click the arrow button to expand the list view.


From the individual site view’s Uptime tab, you can view all the stats for that domain, including uptime percentage, total downtime and number of downtimes.


Response Time

From the Response Time tab, you can see the average response time (ms) and a list of countries with uptime performance. The map to the right of the screen gives you a visual of response times across the globe, based on real data from actual visits to your site.



Next, check out the History tab. This report gives you a daily summary of uptime percentages, total downtime and average response times.


Get Notified Immediately if Your Site Goes Down

If your site goes down, Sync will automatically email you with a notification alert. With this initial launch, our downtime notifications are email-based, but we’re working to add support for SMS notifications soon.

Easily Add Uptime Monitoring to Your Synced Sites

To get started monitoring your sites with Sync, visit the Uptime tab from the Sync dashboard. Select your Sync Pro Plan and complete checkout.

Sync makes it easy to add sites to monitor by populating a list of all your synced sites. Select all the sites you want to monitor and click Add to Monitored List.


Sync will automatically go to work monitoring your sites. With a few days, you’ll have more thorough and accurate reporting of uptime and downtime percentages, response times and history.

Get Uptime Monitoring with *New* Sync Pro Plans

Today we’re rolling out brand new Sync Pro Plans that include uptime monitoring for 10, 25, 50, 100 sites. The Sync Pro Plans include all Sync Basic features in addition to more Pro features we’ll be rolling out in the weeks to come.


    • Hey Corey, we worked to price our Sync Pro plans so they could be cost-effective over the year. Our 10 Site Sync Pro is $130/year (so about $11/month). The only service that offers a plan with similar features and check specs is Pingdom. Their 10 site plan (non-discounted) is $148/year. Additionally, our customers get a 40% renewal discount, so it’s even cheaper for them the next time they renew, unlike Pingdom where you get a discount the first year, then it gets more expensive. The Pingdom plan is actually slightly worse than ours because we will also be including unlimited SMS alerts. Even if you ignore all the other pro-features that are coming, just the uptime monitoring by itself is worth the Pro upgrade.

    • Hi Daya, sorry for the confusion. All Toolkit customers get the 25 Sync Basic Plan for free, but Sync Pro (which includes Uptime Monitoring) is a new, additional service. Sync is different than our products because it’s service-based (and that’s why it isn’t included in the Toolkit). We’re offering a bigger discount than what’s included in this post to current Toolkit customers, so feel free to email us at sales@ithemes.com if you have any more questions.

  1. Sync is growing to a great and mature platform, please keep listening to the community and the feature suggestions of the users and this will become a platform that serious website managers cannot ignore! Best of luck to you guys!



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