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Learn the Basics of WordPress Security, August 20-21

Every day we hear news that a website or business has been hacked. While this might be frightening for website owners, there are many things you can do to make your WordPress site more secure.

Join “The Professor” from WebDesign.com for a special online workshop (it’s free) that explores how to protect your WordPress site from attacks. The two day training starts August 20th at 1pm CDT. Second day of training is August 21st, also starting at 1pm CDT.

WordPress security is pretty darn important, and we want to educate as many as we can in efforts to protect your sites.

*Couldn’t attend the Workshop? No problem, catch the replays below.*

Introduction to WordPress Security – Day 1
Wednesday, August 20th at 1-3pm CDT
Watch Day 1

Introduction to WordPress Security – Day 2
Thursday, August 21st at 1-3pm CDT
Watch Day 2

What You’ll Learn

  • Top 10 WordPress security issues and how to protect your sites from them
  • How to clean up and re-gain control of a hacked site
  • Tips on communicating security concerns to clients (in a way that won’t alarm them)
  • WordPress security tools to make your life easier
  • Day 2 will feature a special Q&A session with Tony Perez, CEO of Sucuri
  • Much more!

There’s even a live chat during the webinar where you can engage with everyone attending the webinar + iThemes staff and ask your WordPress security questions.

Freelancers, developers, designers, and WordPress newbies alike will benefit from this WordPress Security Workshop.


  1. Hi Ashley,

    Yes no doubt! every day thousands of new website hack daily because of lack of security.

    But this article is very helpful to know about this issue in detail. I also gonna register my self to know more about how to save website from hackers.

    • Hey Diana,
      Yep, these webinars will be recorded and available on our youtube channel. But @iThemes will be tweeting out the link also, so make sure you’re following :) Day 2 content will be different from Day 1 content, so it would be good to register for both. During Day 2’s webinar, we’ll dig deeper into WordPress Security. Hope that helps.

    • Hey Bjarni, yes this webinar will be recorded. We will post the replay on our blog, youtube channel, as well as Twitter (@ithemes). Can’t blame you for not wanting to get up at 4am :)

    • Hi Cat – yes! We will post the replay to our youtube channel, blog as well as Twitter (@ithemes). You can still register and we’ll send the replay links right to your inbox as soon as the webinars are over.



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