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BackupBuddy 5.0 is Here with 80+ Features & Enhancements


It’s official: BackupBuddy 5.0 is here! The v5.0 update includes 80+ new features and enhancements we know you’ll love, including:

Performance, robustness and usability have all been improved in BackupBuddy 5.0. This means that BackupBuddy and ImportBuddy are easier to use and can better handle larger sites, especially large databases

Updating to BackupBuddy 5.0

All current BackupBuddy, Plugin Suite and Toolkit customers will find the BackupBuddy 5.0 update available now.

There are three easy ways to update:

  1. If you’ve licensed BackupBuddy on your site, you can automatically update from your WordPress dashboard using the update icon in the admin toolbar.
  2. For manual updates, you can download the latest BackupBuddy zip file after logging in to the iThemes Member Panel.
  3. Update BackupBuddy on all your WordPress sites at once from iThemes Sync


Join us for the BackupBuddy 5.0 Launch Webinar, Aug 22 @ 1pm CDT

Walk through all the new features in BackupBuddy 5.0 with BackupBuddy developer Dustin Bolton this Friday, Aug 22 @ 1pm CDT. We’ll see you there!

BackupBuddy Launch Webinar
Friday, Aug. 22
1 – 2 pm (CDT)
Watch the Replay

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To celebrate the launch of BackupBuddy 5.0 we’re offering $50 off your BackupBuddy (Unlimited Sites), BackupBuddy Gold or Plugin Suite purchase with coupon code BACKUPBUDDY5. Just don’t delay! This offer expires Friday, Sept. 5.

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  1. This is definitely a plug-in that has paid for itself.
    Aside from peace-of-mind of knowing I can restore a site quickly I use the migrate feature to take designs from test-sites to live URLs in around 15 minutes.

  2. This is *wonderful*. Man, I love it. The database rollback works beautifully! And the UI is gorgeous, and the selective file recovery is lovely.

    You guys have really been working, and keeping ahead of the curve.


    • Hey Grant, thanks for your feedback! We have support for Google Drive on our Feature Request list :) Will let everyone know when there is a timeline for the added feature.

  3. This plugin is a must. Can’t begin to tell you how many times it’s saved my bacon. With BackupBuddy in place it gives me the confidence to try just about anything on my sites, whilst all the time knowing I can roll my site back if anything goes wrong and have it up and running in a few minutes.

    Love the improvements!

  4. The new BackupBuddy is pretty nice, looking forward to the future. Really hoping to see more backup locations supported, name OneDrive.



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