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Google Drive remote destination added as of v6.0.

Adding this destination type once selecting the "Google Drive" destination:

  1. Open Google API Console in a new window by clicking the button
  2. In the new window select Create Project and name it something like "BackupBuddy" & Create. Wait for the next screen to display.
  3. Once the project is created, from the left menu expand APIs & auth then APIs
  4. Beneath Google Apps APIs select Drive API then Enable API (Make sure you select Drive API, not Drive SDK)
  5. From the left menu under APIs & auth select Credentials then Create new Client ID
  6. Select Application type of Installed application then Configure Consent Screen
  7. Select your email address then for Product name enter something like "BackupBuddy" then Save
  8. Select Application type of Installed application & below it Installed type Other then select Create Client ID
  9. Copy & paste the Client ID & Client Secret into the specified field.
  10. Continue to the next page.
  11. Click the button to retrieve your authentication code.
  12. Copy & paste the authentication code in the specified field.
  13. Continue to the next page.
  14. Verify your settings, making any changes you want then add the destination.