BackupBuddy: Stash Live Troubleshooting

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Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Initial Investigation

Show Status Log

Navigate to "Stash Live" pages -> Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "Show Advanced Troubleshooting Options" button -> Select "View Status Log".


  1. "Settings" page -> "Recent Activity" tab. Check for Live errors.
  2. If the current status indicates everything is "Up to date" but the stats indicate otherwise or something 'odd', "Stash Live" pages -> "Show Advanced Troubleshooting Options" button -> click "Restart Periodic Process" button.
  3. If the files are not progressing or stuck at zero, see the Remote Destinations page Recent Transfers list to check for file transfer issues.

Deeper Investigation

  1. After looking through the current Status Log for clues, Clear the current Status Log.
  2. Restart the Periodic Process.
  3. Check the Status Log for new clues, refreshing as needed (until auto update is added to the log viewing).

Symptom Presentations

Database and Files status indicators both are stuck at ZERO (0) files.

Files status indicator has not progressed in a while.

  • Could be caused by one or more remote file transfers is failing. See File Transfer Problems below.
  • Could be caused by another issue. See the Status Log for details on the most recent messages, including recent errors, warnings, and which step keeps repeating (if any).

Files status indicator stuck at 99%.

  • This is a strong indicator that a file or two is unable to send. It may be a very large file or having some other problem. See File Transfer Problems below.
  • Could be caused by another issue. See the Status Log for details on the most recent messages, including recent errors, warnings, and which step keeps repeating (if any).

File Transfer Problems


Stash Live needs to be able to send files to the Stash servers for storage. Any problems with file transfers can cause various processes to get 'stuck' or error.

  • Navigate to Remote Destinations -> View recently sent files to see if errors are noted. You may also be able to hover and view error logs if they still exist.
    • Click the image to the right for a larger view of this.
  • If the problem is a single file or directory of problematic files you may consider excluding.
  • Stash Live will typically restart its process after some type has passed (within 12 hours), including resending failed files.
  • After resolving any file transfer issues make sure to Pause the Files process and use the Advanced Option to 'Reset Send Attempts'.

Error #389383: Unable to initiate multipart upload. Details: `[curl] 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Reset File Transfers

  1. On the Stash Live page PAUSE the Files section.
  2. Wait until the Files process finishes if it was in the process of sending files (up to approximately 30 seconds usually) for the file transfer number to stop increasing.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom, expand "Advanced Troubleshooting Options".
  4. Select "Reset Send Attempts".
  5. RESUME the Files section of Stash Live.
  6. If transfer failures are expected, navigate to BackupBuddy -> Remote Destinations -> Select the "View recently sent files" and look for any errors listed or in the log. See the thumbnail to the right.

Advanced Troubleshooting Buttons

At the very bottom of the Stash Live page there are several troubleshooting buttons you may find useful. Note that it is best to PAUSE the periodic activity (Hit "Pause" in the Files section) and wait for activity in the current background PHP page load to complete so that any changes you make via the buttons below don't get overwritten by the currently running process.

Reset File Audit Times

  • The file audit will not run too often. To bypass this safety mechanism (due to performance) do the following. You may then force this step or restart the periodic process to run it.

Reset Send Attempts

  • Are there too many remote file transfers failed, causing file sends to halt for the day? Reset this to allow the File Send step to be able to run.

Reset First Completion Time

  • Make Live to think this is the very first backup.

Reset Last Snapshot Time

  • Make Live think it's been a long time since the last Snapshot.

Unpause Periodic Without Running

  • Unpause the files/periodic process without triggering it to run right now.

Resume periodic process

  • Resume the periodic (files) process wherever it left off.
  • This is similar to clicking the Files "Resume" button.