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BackupBuddy Multisite is the NEW BETA feature of the latest BackupBuddy which allows you to backup, migrate, restore OR copy your Multisite from one location to another, or back to the same location. BETA means that at this time, any new error or problem may occur including, but not limited to, the restore not importing image links properly, sub-domains OR sub-directory paths giving permalink errors, helping your cat escape from your home, and more.

This page is updated regularly every week, since we are working with all our Multisite customers DAILY in getting more features, fixes and enhancements into BackupBuddy Beta updates as fast as we can. Soon, the BETA status will be removed to signify the official fully supported and fully tested BackupBuddy Multisite release. Please let us know of any suggestions or questions in the forums!

As of version 2.2.14, the single BackupBuddy product contains BOTH the standard BackupBuddy AND the new BackupBuddy Multisite Beta. Your single BackupBuddy does it all!

Getting BackupBuddy Multisite

BackupBuddy Backup Plugin

BackupBuddy Multisite BETA is now an integral part of BackupBuddy itself. You simply Get BackupBuddy and then download it from your Member's Area.

BackupBuddy's IMPORTBUDDY.PHP File

The importbuddy.php file, which is the awesome file that helps you MIGRATE/RESTORE your BackupBuddy backups, now has a BETA version also that is used when you want to migrate or restore your BackupBuddy Multisite backups. You must use the BETA importbuddy.php to restore/migrate any BackupBuddy Multisite backup file.

  • Here is an image of your BackupBuddy --> Backup & Restore area, where the latest BETA importbuddy.php download link is:
    • Image of where the latest BETA importbuddy.php download link is

Installing BackupBuddy Multisite

Since BackupBuddy Multisite BETA is now part of BackupBuddy, the Installation steps are now integrated and the differences explained in the standard BackupBuddy Installation section.

Running Backup, Migrating OR Restoring with BackupBuddy Multisite BETA

Here is an actual video, from one of our many webinars (we have many regular webinars planned), with details on how to migrate or restore with BackupBuddy Beta:

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Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping and BackupBuddy Multisite

BackupBuddy Multisite works perfectly with WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping. Here is a detailed video of what is possible and how it's exactly done (better to see something in addition to reading about it too ;) ):

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Limitations of Multisite

There are 2 limitations (and for good reasons) in WordPress Multisite itself which BackupBuddy of course goes through automatically:

  • 1 : If your multisite install is sub-domain based, you cannot migrate or restore to a sub-directory within your web root.
  • 2 : You can not change from sub-domains to sub-directories using BackupBuddy Multisite.

Support Questions

All BackupBuddy Multisite support questions can be asked in the official BackupBuddy Multisite Forums.

All non-Multisite related BackupBuddy support questions can be asked in the official BackupBuddy Forums.

All BackupBuddy Pre-Sales questions, for Multisite OR non-Multisite backups and restores/migrations, can be asked on the Pre-Sales Forums, via the Live Chat (the Panda icon on top of Get BackupBuddy Multisite page), or by emailing

Additional Resources

Official Pages

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