BackupBuddy Multisite: Introduction

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BackupBuddy Multisite support is an EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE provided in BackupBuddy to AID you in importing and exporting sub-sites with Multisite. Due to the nature of Multisite, we cannot provide the same level of thoroughness in migrations as with standalone sites. You should NOT expect as smooth of an experience and we only recommend advanced users attempt to use Multisite functionality.

As WordPress Multisite functionality is much more technically complex, some BackupBuddy features available for standalone sites are NOT supported for Multisite environments. Please carefully review the features, differences and limitations so that you are aware of them and are sure it will meet your needs.

BackupBuddy Multisite is an EXPERIMENTAL product. As such, you may encounter issues using it and we cannot necessarily insure flawless functionality or that issues encountered will be resolved in as timely manner as non-experimental features. Usage of it in a production environment is at your own risk; Import/Export functionality is quite solid but Network migrations have some issues which require additional intervention to fully complete if the URL changes (see limitations below for full details). There is currently not a specific ETA on when the EXPERIMENTAL tag will be removed. It will be removed once we believe Multisite functionality to be as solid and reliable as the BackupBuddy standalone many have come to love.

Installation note: BackupBuddy Multisite support is EXPERIMENTAL software and should NOT be used on live sites. BackupBuddy should be Network Activated when installed on a Multisite Network for experimental testing. You must add the following line to your wp-config.php to activate these experimental features: define( 'PB_BACKUPBUDDY_MULTISITE_EXPERIMENT', true );