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Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a well known cloud storage provider. This destination is known to be reliable and works well with BackupBuddy. For more information about Amazon S3, visit

Adding Amazon S3 as a Remote Destination

  1. Once on the Remote Destinations page, click the +Add New button to add your Amazon S3 destination.


In the settings that open, you'll first give your new destination a name.

Then you'll need to enter your AWS access keys.

You'll then select the Bucket you'd like to send your backup to. If you haven't created the Bucket yet, adding the Bucket name will create it for you. The name of your Bucket must be globally unique among all Amazon S3 users. You also have the option here to add a Directory. The directory is not a required option.

Next you'll set your Archive limit. This allows you to limit the number of backups stored in this location.

This is also where you'd enable or disable the Encrypt connection. When enabled, all transfers will be encrypted with SSL encryption.


Once you've entered all of your settings, you'll want to test your settings before adding the destination.

Your new location will now show on the Remote Destinations page in BackupBuddy. If you need to change your settings, click the gear symbol to the right of the destination.


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