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The following settings are including in the Basic Operation section of the Advanced & Troubleshooting Settings tab.

Lock archive directory (high security)

[Default: disabled] - Check for enhanced security to block backup downloading. This may result in an inability to download backups while enabled on some servers.

When enabled, all downloads of archives via the web will be prevented under all circumstances via .htaccess file. If your server permits it, they will only be unlocked temporarily on click to download. If your server does not support this unlocking, then you will have to access the archives via the server (such as by FTP).

Delete all backup archives prior to backups

[Default: disabled] - Check if using compatibility mode & exclusions are unavailable.

When enabled all local backup archives will be deleted prior to each backup. This is useful if in compatibility mode to prevent backing up existing files.

Include ImportBuddy in full backup archive

[Default: enabled] - Uncheck to skip adding ImportBuddy to backup archive. When enabled, the importbuddy.php file will be included within the backup archive ZIP file. This file can be used to restore your site. Inclusion in the ZIP file itself insures you always have access to it. importbuddy.php is only included in full backups and only when this option is enabled.

Disable local SSL certificate verification

[Default: Disabled] Check if local SSL verification fails (ie. for loopbacks). When checked, WordPress will skip local https SSL verification.

Save meta data in comment

[Default: Enabled] Uncheck to skip storing meta data in zip comment. When enabled, BackupBuddy will store general backup information in the ZIP comment header such as Site URL, backup type & time, serial, etc. during backup creation.

Perform integrity check on backup files

[Default: enabled] - Uncheck if having problems viewing your backup listing. By default each backup file is checked for integrity and completion the first time it is viewed on the Backup page. On some server configurations this may cause memory problems as the integrity checking process is intensive. If you are experiencing out of memory errors on the Backup file listing, you can uncheck this to disable this feature.

Manual backup mode

[Default: Modern] - If you are encountering difficulty backing up due to WordPress cron, HTTP Loopbacks, or other features specific to version 2.x you can try classic mode which runs like BackupBuddy v1.x did.

Logging / Debug level

[Default: Errors Only] - This option controls how much activity is logged for records or debugging. When in debug mode error emails will contain encrypted debugging data for support.

Maximum log file size

[Default: 10 MB] - If the log file exceeds this size then it will be cleared to prevent it from using too much space.

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