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The following options are included in the Database section of the Advanced & Troubleshooting Settings page.

Skip database dump on backup

[Default: disabled] - Check if to completely bypass backing up database. Use with caution. (WARNING: This prevents BackupBuddy from backing up the database during any kind of backup. This is for troubleshooting / advanced usage only to work around being unable to backup the database.

Break out big table dumps into steps

[Default: Disabled] Check to backup large tables in separate steps to help handle large databases. Currently in beta. Breaks up some commonly known database tables to be backed up separately rather than all at once. Helps with larger databases.

Force compatibility mode database dump

[Default: disabled] - Check to force PHP-based database dump instead of command line. Pre-v3.x mode. WARNING: This forces the potentially slower mode of database dumping. Under normal circumstances mysql dump compatibility mode is automatically entered as needed without user intervention.

Ignore command line length check results

[Default: disabled] - WARNING: BackupBuddy attempts to determine your system's maximum command line length to insure that database operation commands do not get inadvertantly cut off. On some systems it is not possible to reliably detect this information which could result infalling back into compatibility mode even though the system is capable of running in normal operational modes. This option instructs BackupBuddy to ignore the results of the command line length check.

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