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Layouts are the building blocks of your theme. Layouts are like the framing of a house when you build a house from scratch. If you think about each room in a house, each wall will have a different wooden "frame". Sometimes those frames might be similar. But in the same manner of building a house, you need to create your layouts in Builder first before moving on.


Views in Builder are rules (think "email filters") in which you can tell WordPress which Layouts to use with different pages of your site.

With Views, you can make rules like:

  • Every post that has a category "Green" gets Layout A
  • The 404 result from your site (page not found) gets Layout B
  • Anytime an archive is called it gets Layout B

Just remember that each individual page and post can be assigned its own Custom Layout which overrides the rules you set up for your site with Builder Views


Extensions can be VERY beneficial to your development if you find yourself in the following situation:

You are building a site and you have a base style.css file in your child theme folder. Now you realize one of your layouts needs its very own stylesheet (something that you want to replace your base style.css file sheet with something completely different). You would use Builder's Extensions to do this. "Extensions" are mini-child themes INSIDE your child theme. A good example would be if your main child-theme style.css file has the Builder-Container div styled to "float" in the middle of the page. But you need on an individual layout for everything to be flush left.

You would create an extension folder in your child theme, and in that extension folder you have a style.css file that tells WordPress to flush everything to the left. Then in the builder layouts editor, you select your new child theme and then in the drop-down box below that asks if this Extension should disable the default style.css file, you select yes. This enables you to basically have an additional child theme working INSIDE your main child theme.

In summary

  • Layouts = the frame of a page/post
  • Views = the rules for assigning Layouts to pages/posts
  • Extensions = mini-child theme INSIDE your child theme that can be activated by a Layout

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