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Modules are page elements that are used to create Layouts. Modules can be added, removed, or easily modified for any number of Layout combinations.

Types of Builder Modules

Builder utilizes seven different types of Modules:

  • Content Module* - Adds a place for content from posts or pages to render. Most Layouts will have this module.
  • Footer Module* - Adds a place for the site footer to render. Most Layouts include this module at the bottom of the layout.
  • Header Module* - Offers an easy-to configure header for your site.
  • HTML Module - Adds a place to add freeform HTML to the Layout; also supports the use of shortcodes and execution of PHP code.
  • Image Module* - Adds a static image to the Layout.
  • Navigation Module - Adds a horizontal navigation bar. Category and Page navigations are available, as well as custom WordPress menus.
  • Widget Bar Module - Adds one to five widget locations.

Note: Modules denoted with "*" have additional Sidebar options.

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