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While Style Manager aims to provide basic styling changes to your Builder theme, the presence of Style Manager does not mean that one can escape writing custom CSS code. Style Manager can be used to set styles for some elements, but it is not an extensive tool that covers each and every element on a webpage.

Style Manager & Custom CSS

In some cases, even when an option to style a particular element seems to be present in Style Manager, it might not actually work because the child theme's style.css overrides it. Some child themes have specific styling for some of the options provided by Style Manager, so your styles will be overridden.

To combat this, the CSS Preview code generated by Style Manager can be copied and added to the end of your child theme's style.css.


Builder CSS Resources

Ultimately, a knowledge of CSS will help you fully style all elements of your Builder site. Here are a few helpful links and resources:

Style Manager Global Styles

It is not possible to apply one set of styles to a specific module or individual widgets of a module that are different from other modules of the same type.

For example, you will not be able to apply a blue background to just one widget bar module while the rest of them have been set to a red background via Style Manager.

For such changes, style.css has to be edited manually. Visit the Builder CSS Section for more information.

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