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This applies if your site is not using a specific page as the homepage (set through wp-dashboard > Settings > Reading)

There is currently no setting to set a specific homepage for the mobile version of your site. You can however change this using the following steps:

1: Create a new page in WordPress with your mobile home page content. Make sure NOT to include that page in your non-mobile theme's navigation. For the sake of these instructions, let's say you created a page with the page slug "mobile-home"

2: Create a new navigation menu (wp-dashboard > Appearance > Menus), and add a custom menu item named "Home" (or whatever you wish to call it) linking to (the page create at #1)
Set this new menu as the default menu for "PluginBuddy Mobile Navigation Menu"

3: edit index.php in your mobile theme and add the following line at the very top:

<?php wp_redirect( '', 302 ); exit; ?>

Note that you need to use FTP or your hosting filemanager to access and edit the index.php file of your mobile theme. You should edit the file that exists in wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile/{theme you are using}/

That should make sure that the home link on your mobile site, as well as the landing page resolves to your mobile homepage

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