Change the Default Home Page When Using a Specific Landing Page

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This applies if your site is using a specific page as the homepage (set through wp-dashboard > Settings > Reading)'

There is currently no setting to set a specific homepage for the mobile version of your site. You can however change this using the following steps:

1: Create a new page in WordPress with your mobile home page content. Make sure NOT to include that page in your non-mobile theme's navigation. For the sake of these instructions, let's say you created a page with the page slug "mobile-home"

2: Create a new navigation menu (wp-dashboard > Appearance > Menus), and add a custom menu item named "Home" (or whatever you wish to call it) linking to (the page create at #1)
Set this new menu as the default menu for "PluginBuddy Mobile Navigation Menu"

3: find the page id for the page that you have set as the homepage for your non-mobile site (e.g. page-123)

4: create a new file in you mobile theme and add the following code:

<?php wp_redirect( '', 302 ); exit; ?>

Save that file, and name it page-123.php.

Note that you need to use FTP or your hosting filemanager to add page-123.php file to your mobile theme. It should go in wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile/{theme you are using}/

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