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The Easy EU Value Added Taxes allows you to charge for VAT based on the customer's location.

Once the add-on is installed, you can go in and set your different tax rules.


First you'll need to select your country and enter your VAT number.


Then you can create your various Tax Rates, giving each a label and setting the rate percentage. You can also opt to apply tax to the shipping cost and select which one is the default rate to be charged by clicking on the check mark.


Lastly, you can determine if you'd like the price to show with or without the VAT already included.


If you check the box for this setting, the price will display with VAT included.


Leaving the box for this setting unchecked will display the price without the VAT included.


If you chose to leave this option unchecked, the tax amount will appear when they checkout.


When checking out, the customer also has the option to enter their own VAT number.



In the Advanced Options section of your products, you can determine whether or not the product is Tax Exempt or set a tax rate specific to that product.


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