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Frolick is available as a stand-alone plugin.


The Frolick plugin adds the ability to integrate various social media features into your site. With support for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, you integrate useful social media feature such as `Like` buttons, sharing, feeds, and more via shortcodes and widgets. Each social object may be customized and you can have multiple customized instances of each object.


The first step in adding Frolick social media features to your site is to add your account in the Frolick settings. Frolick allows you to create multiple accounts with unique settings. Each account has multiple different social media objects you can insert into your site.

Feature Overview

Shortcode & Widget Objects


  • Display the latest tweets from user(s).
  • Tweet button.
  • Follow button.
  • Hashtag button.
  • Mention button.


  • Like button.
  • Comments Block
  • Activity Feed
  • Send Button
  • Recommendations


  • +1 button
  • Google+ badge

WordPress Admin

  • View Twitter activity from Dashboard
  • View Facebook Activity and Comment Feeds from Dashboard

All PluginBuddy plugins also support automatic upgrades and support.

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