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Plugin Display Issue

My Plugin Won't Show Up! I'm using more than one jQuery on my site

When more than one jQuery is used on the same site or the same page/post, sometimes older jQuery versions or incompatibilities can cause any plugin, including PluginBuddy plugins, from appearing on your live site.

  • There are several ways to check if this may be the cause of the problem. Here is the most effective method:
    • Check the source code of the page where the problem is happening. jQuery usually (or always) shows its version number in any place where it is called. Make sure that number is consistent or at least among the latest versions in all such urls/calls.
  • There are several ways to get this fixed:
    • Try to use only a single jQuery throughout the whole site.
    • Update all jQuery related plugins, OR any plugins using jQuery, to the latest versions.
    • Ensure that your theme is not calling an older, incompatible or modified version of jQuery that may be interfering with your PluginBuddy plugins. If your theme is calling a jQuery, ensure that it is the latest version. Contact your theme developer to see if you can get the latest jQuery added to your theme while keeping any customization you made to the theme intact.