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Live themes are stored in /files/pluginbuddy_mobile/THEMENAME/ (multisites) OR /wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile/THEMENAME/ . You should always edit the theme files in these directories.

Non-live original theme files (backups and originals) are stored in /wp-content/plugins/mobile/themes/THEMENAME/ You should never edit the files in this directory.

If you would like to edit an existing theme you may do so by editing the live theme files. If you do this we suggest unchecking the option in Settings for automatically upgrading theme files on automatic upgrades to prevent your changes from being lost. Style manager edits create a CSS file within /files/pluginbuddy_mobile/THEMENAME.css (multisites) or /wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile/THEMENAME.css so that these changes will not be lost on upgrades.

To create a new theme you can just clone an existing theme to /files/pluginbuddy_mobile/THEMENAME/ (multisites) or /wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile/NEWTHEMENAME/

Additional Head HTML (includes Apple icon definitions)

if ( defined('MOBILEBUDDY_HEAD_CONTENT') ) {

Link to Full Site

if ( defined('MOBILEBUDDY_FULL_SITE_LINK') ) {
   echo '<a href="' . add_query_arg( 'nomobile', '', str_replace( 'mobile', '', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) ) . '">View Full Site</a>';

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