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* [[Ajax-Edit-Comments]]
* [[Ajax-Edit-Comments]]
* [[BackupBuddy]]
* [[BackupBuddy]]
* DisplayBuddy
* DisplayBuddy
** [[Accordion]]
** [[Accordion]]

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Welcome to the PluginBuddy Knowledge Base - Tutorials, Technical Information, Debugging Information, and more.

Premium Plugins

Free Plugins (active)

Free Plugins (inactive)

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Misc. Documentation

Frequently Asked (Plugin) Questions

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PHP Development & Advanced

Extra Customizations

While any extra customization of any PluginBuddy Plugin is beyond the scope of the official support, we do from time to time offer different tips and tutorials on editing the awesome PluginBuddy plugins to better fit your individual needs. All such edits are, however, beyond what is officially supported and provided in the actual plugin admin panel and officially stated features on the individual plugin pages. No official support is provided nor guaranteed in, before, during, after or related to anything resulting from any such edits/customizations.

No support is provided on any of these extra customizations. Any of the steps mentioned in any of these extra custom edits may change at any time depending on newer versions of the plugins being released. Any use or customization of anything, beyond what is provided by default inside the plugin admin menu, means you are proceeding at your own risk and that you accept 100% responsibility and liability for everything you change or modify in any manner in the plugin. Your purchase and use of any PluginBuddy plugin implies and shows that you are buying and using PluginBuddy plugin(s) the way it(they) came in their original unmodified form, with no exceptions.

  • Remember:
    • Make a backup of your entire site with BackupBuddy before making any edits!
    • PluginBuddy only supports the official unedited, unmodified versions of all PluginBuddy plugins.
    • Use a good text editor to make any file changes. Again, maintain backups!
    • Any changes you make to files WILL MOST PROBABLY be lost when the plugin is upgraded to any newer version.
    • You are 100% responsible and liable for anything resulting from any of these changes.
    • No support is provided nor guaranteed on any of these extra changes in any form or shape, whatsoever, regardless of who suggested these custom edits or suggestions.
    • Whether a PluginBuddy staff or representative offered or suggested the edit/customization, another customer or anyone else, PluginBuddy does not officially support nor provide any official support on any such edits.
    • We cannot guarantee providing any support on any edits or customization tips we provide.