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You can remove or change the footer text and/or link that is shown to all mobile users by default.

  • 1: To remove OR change that footer, edit the footer.php file in the appropriate theme folder, depending on which Mobile theme you are using. That file will be in one of the theme directories in either of the following directories:
    • wp-content/uploads/pluginbuddy_mobile
    • OR (on Multisites) wp-content/blogs.dir/X/files/pluginbuddy_mobile (change the X to the appropriate site number)
  • 2: Find line 12 of the footer.php to what you want. It currently says
    Mobile Site By <a href="">PluginBuddy</a><br />
  • 3: Change the above to anything you wish to be shown OR hidden from the mobile users in question who will be viewing that theme.

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