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Each entry created is one of the pieces of text that will be rotated through on the front end of the site. Once you have created a group you can then add entries to that group by selecting one of the groups from the groups table. The only information needed to create an entry is the text you would like to rotate. When creating an entry there are two optional fields that will allow you set a link for the text entry and an option for that link to open in a new tab or window when it is clicked.

After you create an entry it is added to a table that lists all of the created entries for that group and information about that entry. The order of the entries is determined by the order that they are listed in the entry table. To the right of each entry listed in the table there is a small image graphic that will allow you easily reorder entries by dragging them to the position in the list where you would like for then to occur, then after you have them placed in the order you like you can click the "Save order" button to save it.

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