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The settings section will allow you to easily customize each group to fit your sites needs.

Rotation Speed Settings

This section of the settings will allow you to adjust the timing on how the fading transitions work for this group when it is rotating through text on your site. These options are fairly self explanatory since they are listed in the order that they occur.

  • Fade in duration - The amount of time that is spent fading the text in from being hidden.
  • Display text duration - The amount of time spent between fading the text in and when it will begin fading out.
  • Fade out duration - The amount of time that is spent fading the text out to where is hidden again.
  • Between animations - This is the amount of time spent between fading one text entry out and fading in the next text entry.

Group Styles

On the PluginBuddy team we try our best to make options for a wide variety of adjustments that people may want to make. Since there is a wide variety of places that you may want to display RotatingText on your site it was important to make it very flexible and easy to customize. The following style options were our attempt at doing just that.

  • Group Width
    • Auto width (optional)
  • Group Height
    • Auto height (optional)
  • Horizontal text alignment
  • Vertical text alignment
  • Background Color
  • Group Font Styles
    • Font-size
    • Font-family
    • Font-color

There was also a thought that users may want to style each text entry in the group individually so we added optional styling options for the font on each text entry.

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