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Advanced users may want to disable the ThumbsUp CSS to better integrate the plugin into their theme.

The plugin's CSS may be disabled in the ThumbsUp settings page in the WordPress admin area.

Listed below is the structure for displaying the ThumbsUp Items.

div.pb_thumbsup_container /* or div.pb_thumbsup_widget_container for widgets */
        	/* MEDIA GOES HERE */
        /* end div.pb_thumbsup_media */
        	div.pb_thumbsup_vote_icons, div.pb_thumbsup_light /* Can also be  div.pb_thumbsup_dark */
            	a.pb_thumbsup_icon, a.pb_thumbsup_selected /* .pb_thumbsup_selected is present if the icon has been selected */
                a.pb_thumbsdown_icon, a.pb_thumbsdown_selected /* .pb_thumbsdown_selected is present if the icon has been selected */
				div.pb_thumbsup_vote_stats, div.pb_thumbsup_display_stats
				 /* end div.pb_thumbsup_vote_stats */
			 /* end div.pb_thumbsup_vote_icons */
            /* end div.pb_thumbsup_loading_gif */
		/* end div.thumbsup_vote */
	/* end div.pb_thumbsup_item */
    /* MORE ITEMS */
/* end div.pb_thumbsup_container */

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