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Before You Begin: Make a Backup

It is highly recommended to take a full backup of your Builder powered site using BackupBuddy before upgrading.

Important Notes

  • Ensure that you are not using Builder Theme - Core as your site's active theme. Otherwise, customizations and changes you might have done to Builder files will be lost during upgrade. You must always use a child theme of Builder as your site's active theme.
  • Make sure that you have first upgraded any Builder-related plugins in use such as Style Manager, Builder SEO and Builder Blocks to their latest versions before attempting to upgrade Builder.

Manually Updating Builder Using the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin

The easiest way to upgrade Builder is by using the free Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin. Created by lead Builder developer Chris Jean, this plugin allows you to easily update themes (like Builder) and plugins without having to manually delete your current version of the theme or plugin before uploading a new version.

  1. Download, install and activate the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin from the WordPress.org plugin repo.


  2. Log in to the iThemes Member Panel and download the latest version of your Builder theme file(s).
  3. Again from the WordPress dashboard of your site, navigate to Appearance >Themes. Click Install Themes, then Upload.


  4. Browse to and locate the zip file of the latest Builder that you downloaded from member panel. Change the Upgrade existing theme? setting to Yes and click Install Now button.


  5. Once the theme has been successfully installed, click Return to Themes page.


  6. From the themes page, make sure you are using a child theme or custom theme of Builder as your active theme.


  7. Continue to the Licensing Builder page of the Codex to license your Builder site.

Licensing Builder for Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are now included in Builder 5.0. Visit the Licensing Builder page for instructions on licensing Builder for automatic updates.


  • Builder can also be upgraded by replacing the existing Builder directory with the one extracted from the latest zip file using a FTP client or cPanel file manager. The advantage of using Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin is that it takes a backup of whatever is being replaced.
  • If you have made extensive customizations to your child theme, visit the Updating Custom Child Themes section first.

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