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Series: DisplayBuddy

Release date: October 19, 2010


VideoShowcase is a plugin that uses video links from Youtube and Vimeo to generate thumbnail images for the videos and display those images as video embed links on the front end of your site. When a visitor clicks one of the thumbnail image links the video for that link is displayed in a styled thickbox. The different video links are stored in groups so that the different groups can be displayed through out your website by placing them in widget areas or using shortcodes.


  • Automatically retrieves the video's thumbnail image from the source site
  • Set custom image as videos thumbnail image
  • Media library integration
  • Displays videos in thickbox
  • 5 thickbox styles
  • randomized display
  • easy to reorder videos
  • Multiple groups
  • widget compatible
  • Shortcode generator
  • supports Youtube and Vimeo
  • Tooltip help on forms
  • Automatic upgrades.

3 Step Process

Step 1. Create a Group To create a Group set the name, thumbnail width, and thumbnail height.


Step 2. Add videos to the groups To add a video set the title and paste in the videos source site URL.


Example of what to put in the "video UrL" are outlined in red in the images below Youtube:




Step 3. Display the groups on your site using widgets or shortcode. Add VideoShowcase to widgets in the appearance area in the dashboard.


OR Go to the VideoShowcase settings and use the shortcode generator.


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