How Translations Work

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iThemes provides the capability to have a translation in such plugins. Anyone wanting to enhance iThemes plugins with specific language translations can do so voluntarily via Translation Files. Translation Files are simply language files created fully and solely by the volunteer community which use the already built in translation-capable features in many of the iThemes plugins to allow such plugins to show text or outputs in different languages. Making iThemes plugins translation-capable is done by iThemes. Creating, updating and sending in any language specific translation files to iThemes is done by the volunteer community.

Anyone can create translation files, package them into the proper format and give iThemes the final translated files that we will try to include in the next update for the plugin in question. We call such awesome people, who create or update the translation files and send us the full translation package files, Awesome Translator Volunteers, and we are really thankful that they take the time to do such an awesome thing.

If you want to help us, you can translate any existing iThemes plugin which supports internationalization (another way of saying localization or translation-capable) and then, once you're fully done, simply let us know in the forums the link to the final language files that we can directly save and simply try to include in any future updates for the plugin(s) in question.