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Pre Set Up Tons Of Questions

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#1 Guest_Maggie_*

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Posted 27 August 2014 - 02:37 PM

Hi, I'm considering purchasing the pro plug in for Word Press.  I have tons of questions, so forgive my ignorance. I really to to talk with an expert or someone in hack repair.  the problems I am having at Word Press are:

1.  On my dashboard, there appears an update to a plug in which I've never had and dn't want to update.  When I did update Brute Force, a day later I was told I had to update it again, which I did.

2.  On my dashboard where it shows the number of posts and comments, the number is remaining static even when new posts or comments are made.

3.  IP's which I have blocked through Word Fence keep appearing as spam. Note that I am blocking many countries and IP's.  I haven't upgraded Word Fence yet, even though I paid for it - will this be a problem if I purchase your plan?

4.  When I go to edit a post the first edit fine, but after that I have no toolbar on my edit dashboard of the blog unless I turn off Akismet.

5.  One post was damatically alered a few days back with these codes:
<ul> <li> and then </code></pre>

I was able to restore the post by using the "revision" however, I never installed the codes to begin with.

6.  An edit which I performed on this same post first appeared, then it vanished.  I have again edited that update and so far it is appearing.

7. Last night I received a comment - when I responded, the IP of the initial comment appeared under my name and not my IP.  I then deleted the comment and my response.

8. Unbelivable numbers of suspect bots which I have been blocking en masse.

9.  Pop up appeared last night on my Word Press site which said: "Site Lock is your server and we cannot make the connection."  Site Lock is NOT my server.

10.  When i log out of Word Press then log out of Bluehost I have to log out again from CPanel.  After i log out of Cpanel, a screen shot appears urging me to log back in.  I don't log bakc in - I close this screen shot.

11.  My IP changes because I use Viper VPN - will this be a problem if i purchase your "pro" ?  I have to use the Viper VPN, ther is no way around that.

12.  the hack back in June of his year deleted my [osts from 2009 into 2011.  I have these on a disk - can you restore them?

13.  This "hacker" is the same person who hacked my sitecounter, Google Blogspot (3x) and the first Word Press blog and was able to get into my google blogspot and break hundreds of links and actually erase text.  I have not fixed any of these yet.  Also, when I moved the Google blog to a new URL, I lost hundred of pictures.  I have not had the time to fix that either. He also took my old URL and injected it into many blogs which had linked to me, thus not allowing my blog to be visible.  He has attahced porn to my site when it appears on the internet - for instance, if you click the site, a porn page will come up.  He has taken that one down, but has created many fake site with my current blog attached to them. this person runs several promotional forums and sites.

14.  I really need to change my administration name and change my name to "author."

Ok, it is a mess and I need help I am afraid to give you the link to my blog, because once I have done that he immediately picks up on it - as he did through Google help when I went there to seek help. I haven't even given you my real here.  How can we correspond and set this up?  Can I call you? Can you call me through our states phone, not the Mexico phone?

Thanks - what I'm going to do is go ahead and at least finish the Word Fence upgrade so these countries he is using can be blocked and check back here for further instructions.

Please let me know what to do and if you feel that you can address these issues.

oh, one more thing - I did download you guys very early this morning but since I am so stupid on the computer, I deactivated it because I need help. Anyway there it sits, needing to be activated and upgraded.

Will check back, swamped here.

#2 Gerroald


    iThemes Support

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Posted 28 August 2014 - 03:15 PM

Hey Maggie,

It does seem like you have a lot of issues going on here. This must be driving you crazy! We do have a couple of hack repair services that we recommend. I'd suggest getting in touch with and see what they have to say.


Please let me know how it goes!