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How to Optimize WordPress in 7 Steps

I’ve collected my 7 best tips for optimizing WordPress based on over a year and half of using WordPress and building dozens of sites for clients …. and put them all in a series of free video tutorials.

If you’d like to see each video individually, click on the titles below:

  1. Change your permalinks structure
  2. Install these plugins
  3. Include your main keywords in your title bar
  4. Put in your meta tags
  5. Paste your email newsletter form code here
  6. Write good headlines for search engines
  7. Study your traffic stats to refine your strategy


  1. Ashish, thanks! If you think about how many first-time people get to your site (if you’re done good SEO it’s from the search engines), then the single post is the most effective use of an opt-in newsletter and ads. (Like we’ve done here on the iThemes blog!).



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