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How to Set Up iThemes Sync

We made iThemes Sync to save you time and hassle in managing multiple WordPress sites. With Sync, you can manage all of your WordPress sites from one convenient dashboard. To get started using Sync, you’ll first need to sign up to manage 10 free sites here.

There are two easy ways to set up your sites in Sync:

  1. Use Sync’s “Add Site” option after logging in to the Sync dashboard
  2. Manually install the Sync plugin on all your WordPress sites

How to Add Sites From the Sync Dashboard

1. Log in to the Sync dashboard using your iThemes username and password. Bookmark https://sync.ithemes.com for future use.


2. Once you login, you’ll see the Sync dashboard. In the Add Site section of the Sync dashboard, add the URL of your WordPress site, your admin username and your WordPress admin password. Click the Add Site button to authenticate your site.


3. Sync will go to work authenticating your site. You can view a status log as Sync connects to your site. Once it’s finished, you’ll see the option to Manage This Site or Add Another Site.


To add more sites to Sync in the future, you can always use the Add Site button from the Home tab in the upper right corner of the screen.


How to Manually Install the Sync Plugin

If you have any issues adding your sites to Sync from the Add Site option in the Sync dashboard, you can manually upload the Sync plugin to your WordPress site.

To get started, visit the Sync page in the iThemes Member Panel or log in directly to the Sync dashboard using your iThemes username and password.


Download the Sync plugin file by clicking on the Download button.


Upload and activate the Sync plugin on any WordPress site you want to manage with Sync.

After activating iThemes Sync, you’ll see the nag to Set Up Sync.

Enter your iThemes username and password and click Sync.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.55.38 AM

You’ll then see the iThemes Sync page where you can manage your Synced sites or add additional users. Adding additional users is helpful if more than one person will be managing updates for this site.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.57.39 AM

Managing Your Synced Sites – The Sync Dashboard

From the Sync page, click Go Manage Your Synced Sites to return to your Sync dashboard. You can also access the Sync dashboard directly here. You’ll now see your synced sites here.

Click the arrow on the right to expand the Quick Look. The Quick Look offers an overview of all available updates for that particular Synced site. Click Update to run the plugin or theme update. You’ll receive an Updated! notice when Sync has finished the update.

For a more detailed view, click  View Full Details for any site. This takes you to the individual site view where you can manage plugins, manage themes or run BackupBuddy actions.

A Quick Note on Enabling Automatic Theme & Plugin Updates for Your iThemes Products

Sync works with all themes and plugins that receive automatic updates (not just iThemes themes and plugins), but licensing your iThemes products activates their automatic updatesBefore you get started using iThemes Sync, make sure you’ve licensed your iThemes themes and plugins.

To add licenses to your iThemes themes and plugins, log in to your WordPress site and visit Settings > iThemes Licensing.

In the Unlicensed Products section, license these products by entering your iThemes username and password. For more info on licensing your iThemes products, visit this tutorial.


Once you’ve added licenses to your iThemes products (if applicable), you’re ready to get started with Sync.


If you have questions or need help, visit the Sync Support Forum. Our team of moderators will be happy to help out. (You’ll be able to view this forum page once you sign into the forum using your iThemes username and password).

Feature Requests & iThemes Sync Roadmap

We would love your feedback on how we can improve iThemes Sync to give you the best experience for easily managing your WordPress sites from one location, so visit the iThemes Sync feature request page to send us your ideas. You may also view the Public Roadmap for iThemes Sync and vote on features here.

More Sync Tutorials

Check out this entire series of Sync video tutorials and read up on the latest Sync news here.

Get More Sync Features in Sync Pro

Sync Pro is designed for anyone managing multiple WordPress sites professionally. In addition to all the features included in Sync basic, Sync Pro includes Client Dashboard, Uptime Monitoring and more. If you already have a Sync Basic plan, you can contact sales about your upgrade.

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  1. Does that new feature for integration of Sync, BackupBuddy and Security intended to work with MultiSite install? I see BackupBuddy section in there but Security tab is empty.

  2. Ive renamed wp-admin and wp-login using iThemes. iThemes sync tries to use wp-login.php
    How do I get add a site to sync?
    Do i have to go back to the defaults and try and add it then?

    • Hi Ravi, try the manual upload method. Download the Sync plugin and then install and activate it on your site. Sync will then prompt you to finalize credentials to sync the site from within your WordPress dashboard.

  3. Hi,

    The host I’m using for a particular site has a .htaccess level username/pass login as well as the normal wp-admin login (the site was targeted by registration spammers or admin login hackers prior to my installation of iThemes Security, and that’s how they handled it). Is there a way to add it to my list of Sync sites, and if so, how?

    I’ve tried from both outside the site and by installing and activating the site manually. No go so far.


  4. Have 7 sites working nicely with sync. Tried to set up #8 today and it will not connect with it. Tried both methods of connecting (manual and from sync)

    BTW, your link to the support forum for Sync both here and from within Sync is dead. And signing in to your forum using my ithemes credentials doesn’t work, either. :(

    • Hi Jeff, if you’re having issues signing into the forum, please email sales@ ithemes.com. We can verify your login info from there. Once we get you signed back into the forum (that page looks like a 404, but it will be visible once you’ve signed in), our support team will be able to help you with the authentication issues.

  5. Whenever I try to add my WordPress websites from the homepage of “Sync” I get the following message:

    “ERROR: The username and password you entered could not be authenticated.”

    However, I have checked multiple times and both my username and password are correct. At least they are the exact same username and password that I use to log on to WordPress with.

    Without iThemes accepting my username and password, I cannot even get started on backing up my site. I need someone to help me resolve this problem.

    • Hi Matthew, sorry you’re having issues. You can try the manual method of installing the Sync plugin and authenticating it from the WordPress dashboard instead of trying to add a site from the Sync dashboard (see Step 1 of this tutorial). As far as backing up your site, you can also do this from the WordPress dashboard (I’m assuming you’re using our BackupBuddy plugin). From the BackupBuddy menu, just click the Backups page. If you’re still having issues, our support team can help you out in more detail from the Sync forum. You’ll be able to view this forum page once you sign in using your iThemes username and password. Also note Sync only works with self-hosted versions of WordPress, so not on sites running on WordPress.com.

  6. Is there an easy way to “hide” the presence of the synch plugin on managed sites. My client sites “tend to meddle” then ask for help to sort it out…

    • Hi John, it’s really easy to hide the Sync plugin. After you sign in to your Sync dashboard, click the settings gear next to any site in your list. From that menu, you’ll see the “Hide Sync” option.



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