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The New Rules of Entrepreneurship: Prosper, With Purpose, For People

In August, I published the rough outline of what I’m calling The New Rules of Entrepreneurship, that is now available in ebook form today.

I was and am fed up with the current playbook for entrepreneurs.

Somehow we’ve gotten into this rut of a jacked up mindset that the key to success is to bulldoze people to get what we really want. We put profits over people. We make decisions that help us get where we want, at the increasing expense of those who got us here.

This is business as usual for us, entrepreneurs, and I’m tired of it. It’s such a waste of what I believe is a noble occupation and a higher calling.

We use the “It’s not personal, just business.” quote way too often as justification for it all. (Business is always personal, by the way.)

It’s a self-centered, self-focused, self-obsessed, supremely disastrous way of doing business.

And it’s time all of that stopped.

We need to burn the current playbook. We need a reorientation to what entrepreneurship should be about. (Hint: It’s about people and purpose plus profit … making meaning while making money).

We need to return to (or maybe start) the value-based entrepreneurship … one that puts people first, that’s about character, empathy, service and integrity and most of all, focusing on making the world a better place.

So today, as part of our Go Far Together “Prosper” initiative, I’m excited to roll out The New Rules of Entrepreneurship in PDF ebook form.

My purpose, mission and aim is to change the way we think and act as entrepreneurs. That we have a set of principles, finally, to guide us, to be measured by and to help correct us when we’ve went AWOL from them.

And I think it starts with these principles:

  • Do right
  • Do good
  • Care
  • Be genuine and authentic
  • Be open and honest
  • Serve others

In full disclosure: I’ve broken all of these principles at some point in my career. I’m not perfect and not suggesting I am. Far, far, far from it. But I’ve sought to live out my life as an entrepreneur and leader by these simple values each and every day and they’ve served me well.

But I hope this helps you remember these key principles that guide me as you start your online businesses and PROSPER in the right way!


Download The New Rules of Entrepreneurship Here




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