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Release iThemes Security Lockouts, Enable/Disable Away Mode Remotely & More from iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync

The iThemes Sync dashboard just got another great update with some new integrations with iThemes Security, our free WordPress security plugin, and BackupBuddy, our 3-in-1 WordPress backup plugin.

Sync’s new integrations with iThemes Security and BackupBuddy add a convenient new way to:

  • View/release iThemes Security lockouts
  • Enable/disable iThemes Security Away Mode
  • Download ImportBuddy.php remotely
  • Reset your ImportBuddy password

To take advantage of these new integrations, you’ll need to update to the latest versions of each plugin and then log in to the Sync dashboard.

If you’re new to iThemes Sync, check out this quick tutorial on how to get started with Sync.

New iThemes Security + Sync Integration

After logging in to the Sync dashboard, click on any site with the iThemes Security plugin installed. From the individual site view, you’ll see a new iThemes Security module.


From this quick view, you can enable/disable Away Mode and release Lockouts.

Enabling/Disabling Away Mode From Sync

To take advantage of remotely controlling Away Mode for your site from the Sync dashboard, you’ll need to first make sure Away Mode is enabled within the iThemes Security plugin.

From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the iThemes Security Settings page. Use the navigation dropdown to jump to the Away Mode section.


In the Away Mode section, click the box to enable away mode. Customize your start and end times (for example, set your Away Mode times for 12:00am – 6:00am — times when you know you won’t be logging in to your site.)


Click Save All Changes. Now, when you log in to Sync, you’ll be able to control Away Mode remotely with an on/off toggle.


Releasing iThemes Security Lockouts from iThemes Sync

iThemes Security includes the ability to lock out specific IPs due to 404 Detection. 404 detection bans users who are hitting a large number of non-existent pages in a short period of time, an indiction that they’re scanning for something (presumably a vulnerability).

This setting is also helpful for protecting your site, but you may find yourself accidentally locked out of your site. Now, from Sync, you can release your iThemes Security lockouts remotely.

To activate 404 detection, visit the iThemes Security Settings page and navigate to the 404 Detection setting.


Click Enable 404 Detection to activate this setting and then Save All Changes.

Now, from your Sync Dashboard, you’ll be able to release 404 lockouts remotely from Sync.


From the individual site view, you’ll be able to see the IP addresses for any locked out users. To release this lockout, just click the Release button.


BackupBuddy + Sync Integration

In case you missed it, the last major Sync update featured integration with BackupBuddy to make remote WordPress backups and manage your BackupBuddy Stash storage space.

The latest Sync update includes two new BackupBuddy features to make restoring or moving your WordPress sites even easier: Downloading ImportBuddy remotely and the ability to reset your ImportBuddy password.

Downloading ImportBuddy from Sync

Visit any individual site and click the BackupBuddy tab. From here, you can see your latest backup file and a new link to download the ImportBuddy.php script.

download-importbuddy-ithemes-sync copy

Reseting Your ImportBuddy Password from Sync

When you download the ImportBuddy.php file, you’re also given the option to enter a new ImportBuddy password.


Bonus: New Basic Activity Log

With this update, Sync also includes a new basic activity log to keep a record of your update activity within Sync. This can be helpful for client billing and keeping track of when version updates were made within Sync.


Save Time & Hassle — Try iThemes Sync!

Our goal with iThemes Sync is to give you one convenient place to manage updates (and more!) for all your WordPress sites. With each new feature update, we’re working to integrate iThemes Sync with our products to save you even more time.

We’re really excited for you to try out these new iThemes Sync features, so go set up your Sync sites today — 10 sites are free for all current iThemes customers everyone. You can also take advantage of our Sync 30-day free trial.

Login to the Sync Dashboard


  1. This is excellent. I knew when I hashed through all the options last month for how to optimize my time when managing all of my clients websites that I could count on iThemes! I had the 10 free but upgraded to 25 last month. This update confirms that I made the right choice. Keep it coming :)



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