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Save Time with Import/Export Settings in iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Pro v 1.5.3 now includes a new Import/Export Settings feature to save time when installing iThemes Security on multiple WordPress sites.

With the Import/Export Settings feature, you can package all your settings from one site, export them and then import them into any new installation of iThemes Security Pro on another site. Upon import, all settings will then be applied to the new site.

Using the Import/Export Settings Feature in iThemes Security Pro

Here’s how to get started using the Import/Export Settings feature:

1. Make sure you’ve configured all settings in iThemes Security Pro you’d like to include in your settings export package.

2. Navigate to Security > Advanced. Scroll to the Settings Import and Export section.


3. Add your email address and then click Export Settings.

4. Check your inbox! The settings export file will be emailed to you. Download and save the zip file.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.41.28 PM

5. To import these settings to a new site, log in to the WordPress dashboard of any site with iThemes Security already installed. Again, visit the Security > Advanced page and navigate to the Import/Export Settings section.

6. Click Choose File to select the settings export zip and then click Import Settings.


7. Navigate to the Settings tab. You’ll now see all your imported settings have been applied.

A Few Important Notes

1. If you are migrating a site to a different server, you will have to update any path settings such as logs or back files after the import. There are two settings — global and backup — that point to specific locations on the server. Use the Restore Default Location buttons in the Settings > Global > Path to Log Files section and in the Settings > Database Backups > Backup Location section to correct the server path locations.



2. Importing settings will overwrite any existing iThemes Security settings on the site. If you’ve used the one-click secure button when installing iThemes Security Pro or added additional settings before the import, note that any existing settings will be overridden.

Download & Purchase Info

All current iThemes Security Pro, Plugin Suite and Toolkit customers will find iThemes Security Pro v1.5.3 available for download from the iThemes Member Panel or as an automatic update from the WordPress dashboard for licensed sites. To save time, don’t forget you can use iThemes Sync to update all your sites at once!

To take advantage of the new Import/Export Settings feature, get iThemes Security Pro today.


  1. That’s a great new feature, huge time saver.

    Is there plans in the future to allow remote control over logs and banlists in conjunction with sync or separate, so we can control our clients security from a central location?

  2. I can’t locate “Reset to Default buttons” anywhere in the settings. I must be overlooking them. Can you be more specific about where exactly those buttons are supposed to be? Thanks!

      • That helps a lot. It turns out that I don’t have the second button in my dropdown. I’ve been in touch with Gerroald about it as well.


  3. Wish I took the time to read this a couple days ago. Would have saved me some time yesterday! Oh well. Great stuff. Will come in handy down the road. Thanks for continuing to add new features.



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