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Moving Your WordPress Sites with BackupBuddy 5.0 Just Got Easier

BackupBuddy, the best way to schedule and store backups is also the easiest way to move your WordPress sites. ImportBuddy is a special script that assists in the migration/restore process.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, ImportBuddy got a brand new UI in the BackupBuddy 5.0 update.

Manual Migration

The BackupBuddy/ImportBuddy Codex provides awesome detailed step by step instructions on Manual Migration. Here is a super fast break down of Manual Migration steps in ImportBuddy.

From your WordPress dashboard, click Restore / Migrate when hovering over BackupBuddy on the left nav.

Select restore migrate importbuddy

After you’ve selected a backup to restore, downloaded ImportBuddy or sent it to a preferred destination you can then upload the files to your chosen directory via FTP.

Select a backup

Then you’ll navigate to http://your.com/importbuddy.php to begin the 6 migration steps.

The ImportBuddy on-screen wizard will prompt you to enter your ImportBuddy password. This password was set when you ran ImportBuddy from your BackupBuddy dashboard.


Don’t remember your ImportBuddy password? No problem. Just reset in your BackupBuddy Settings under the General Settings tab.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.27.18 PM

Step 1: Select the backup you’d like to restore from. You can upload your own backup file, restore from Stash or select your latest backup in BackupBuddy.


Step 2: ImportBuddy runs your restore files.


Step 3: Configure your database settings.


Step 4: Restore your database.manualimportstep4

Step 5: Configure your URL settings. Here BackupBuddy pre-populates which URL your backup is coming from. All you have to do is fill in the New URL. If you’re restoring on the same site, just copy/paste the Old URL in the New URL field.


Step 6: Verify you site and finish. In this step, check out your site and make sure everything looks like it should. This means ImportBuddy ran successfully during your manual migration or restore.


Lastly, BackupBuddy cleans (deletes) the import and temporary migration files so you don’t have to worry about it. Select which files you’d like deleted, click Finish Cleanup and presto! Congrats. You’ve just successfully (and manually) migrated or restored your WordPress site.

Magic Migration

If you’d like to use Magic Migration to move or restore your WordPress site, you can do so right from your WordPress dashboard. Again, this is a quick break down of the steps. If you would like more detailed step check out the Codex for Magic Migration.

From your WordPress dashboard, hover over BackupBuddy then click Restore / Migrate. Select a backup by clicking Migrate under the backup you would like, set your destination and you’re ready to begin.

Magic Migration before step 1 steps

Click Begin Migration to get started.

Step 1: Select the backup file you want to restore. You can choose if you want to restore files, database or both. Click Restore Backup when finished.


Step 2: Restore files.


Step 3: Configure your database settings. You can fill in your database information or use the convenient cPanel Database Wizard for added help.


Step 4: BackupBuddy restores your database.


Step 5: Configure your URL settings. Here BackupBuddy pre-populates which URL your backup is coming from. All you have to do is fill in the New URL. If you’re restoring on the same site, just copy/paste the Old URL in the New URL field.


Step 6: Verify site and final steps. Visit your site and make sure everything looks like it should. This means ImportBuddy ran successfully during the Magic Migration process. The final step is cleaning the import and temporary migration files, which BackupBuddy does for you. Just select which files you would like to delete, then click Finish Cleanup, and your’e done!


ImportBuddy along with BackupBuddy make migrating and restoring your WordPress sites super easy. Update to BackupBuddy 5.0 now and check out the new ImportBuddy UI.

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  1. Congratulations Ashley! :-)
    Awesome article!
    I’ll make a pdf from this article and keep always close to me or in any portable storage system.
    Congrats and thanks!

  2. Nice article. Is there somewhere I can read about exactly what BB does for Magic Migration? My Web host does not currently have a auto setup for using a staging site so, I migrate from my pseudo staging domain to the live domain. Does BB update all links in the db and theme files to the new domain – automagically?


    • Hi Jeff,

      Backupbuddy will rewrite all links in the database. It handles rewriting all the urls and paths in the db. But if you have any hard coded paths within your theme files or anything like that you will have to change it yourself. Backupbuddy cant look through every file on your site to change a url that would be really taxing on the server and im sure it would take awhile so thats not really possible. Plus hardcoded URL’s is not the best practice either.


  3. I am very pleased (and relieved) about how straight forward and quick it was to transfer 2 new WP sites from their development domains to their live domains. Thanks for a great product.



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